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TWO New Bonuses Added!!!!

We got in touch with the creator of AK Elite and asked him to sweeten the deal a little…what he agreed to do is give TWO additional bonuses to anyone who invests in AK Elite using our special link.

EXTRA BONUS #1: SEO Elite (Value $167)


SEO Elite is Brad Callen’s top selling SEO software. This software was a true “pioneer” in the SEO industry and has been used by MILLIONS of people worldwide. It currently sells for $167.00.

EXTRA BONUS #2: Keyword Elite (Value $97)


Keyword Elite is Brad Callen’s in-house keyword research software. Similar to SEO Elite, this Keyword Tool has been used by MILLIONS of internet marketers and is widely regarded as being one of the pioneering Keyword Research tools. It currently sells for $97.00.

NOTE: If you’re ALREADY purchased AK Elite, you WILL get access to these 2 new bonus products.

Read On To Find Out About Our Complete Bonus Pack & Product Upgrade Recommendations

AK Elite is the ULTIMATE in Kindle Marketing software…and it’s the perfect compliment to ANY Kindle marketing strategy.

We’re so impressed by this software, that we’ve put together a massive AK Elite Bonus offer – read on to find out why it’s the BEST bonus available, and how you can secure our bonus offer today!

NOTE: Bonuses are limited, and there’s one part of this product that you probably don’t need (you can skip it)…details further down the page.

AK Elite Action Link:


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AidanBrianColoradoHi, the photo on the left is a picture of us, Aidan Booth and Brian G. Johnson (at Brian’s house in Colorado Springs).

We’ve teamed up to put together a comprehensive AK Elite Bonus offer that we think will help keep you ahead of the pack.

Read on to discover exactly what’s included in our bonus, and to learn more about AK Elite.

What is AK Elite?

AK Elite is software that’ll help you analyze and break-down the EXACTLY how to rank at the very top of Amazon and make MORE SALES of your books.

AK Elite lets you quickly and automatically analyze the various aspects about each of the top ranked books, to see why they’re ranking where they are, and how to overtake them and outrank them.

What we REALLY like about AK Elite though, is the fact that you can automate the entire process…instead of trawling through HOURS of data, AK Elite can do it all for you in less than 1 minute!

Once your Kindle books start to rank in Amazon for your keywords, you can also use AK Elite to monitor your progress so you can see how the amount of money you make is directly related to where you’re ranked for those keywords…very smart and a VERY simple way to earn more from your books.

How Can AK Elite Help You?

AK Elite will boost the amount of money you earn from your Kindle books.


Firstly, you’ll get better rankings FASTER because you’ll know exactly what’s working for your competitors…in a flash you’ll have access to:

  • Sales Rank for books in markets you’re considering (so you can see if other people are succeeding or not)
  • Estimate daily earnings for other people books (so you can get an idea about profitability BEFORE you write your book)
  • Keyword usage in titles and descriptions (so you can see at a glance what your competition are doing to rank well and then COPY them)
  • Author analysis – you’ll be able to see ALL books written by each author (identify a successful author and raid their best ideas…they’ve already done the research for you!)
  • Rank Tracking – Quickly and easily monitor your books rankings AND your competitors (you’ll save time by knowing exactly where you’re ranked without needing to search!)

You’ll also be able to leverage advanced tools such as Kindle Analytics, trade book reviews, and much more.

Our Recommendation:

By now you’ve probably realized that we fully endorse this product.

We’ve started using AK Elite and it’s proven to be a BIG time saver, it’s easy to use and it helps us earn more money…simple as that.

In a moment we’ll give you the link to AK Elite, but first, check out our bonus offer:

Bonus Details:

We want to give you an extra reason to invest in AK Elite, so we’ve put together a comprehensive bonus pack.

Here are the details:

Bonus #1: Kindle Ritual (Value $97)

NOTE: If you already own Kindle Ritual, you may substitute it for any of the following:

  • Push Button SEO (Advanced SEO Plugin Suite)
  • 300 Internet Marketers (Start-to-Finish Authority Site Training)
  • Page One Evolution + Upgrade (Cutting Edge SEO Training)

If you already own Kindle Ritual and want to swap it for one of the products above, please mention it in your bonus claim email.


Kindle Ritual is a massive Kindle training program developed by Brian G. Johnson. Inside Kindle Ritual you’ll get immediate access to:

  • Author Theme (software) + Training (7 videos including the secrets to building promotional sites)
  • Kindle Niche Selection Secrets (15 videos including the 4 secret “rituals” that almost guarantee quick profits)
  • Book Creation Ritual (discover easy ways to create books quickly...rinse and repeat for more profits)
  • Amazon Kindle Ritual (15 videos including the secrets to naming, pricing and using KDP select to boost sales)
  • Author Site Ritual (9 “over the shoulder” videos demonstrating how leverage Author sites for more sales)
  • Facebook Leverage Ritual (12 videos detailing how Facebook can EASILY quadruple your Kindle earnings…)
  • Video Ritual (how to combine book-buyer keywords and videos…don’t miss this potent cocktail!)
  • 2 Classroom Training Sessions (how to create killer eCovers & the secret to earning big with picture books)

Brian has NEVER offered Kindle Ritual as a bonus before, and since Kindle Ritual is officially “Sold Out” – you can’t even buy your way into this training program.

Bonus #2: Squidoo Profit Plan (Value $197)


You’ll see the exact method that Aidan uses to earn $1000’s leveraging Squidoo.

In the Squidoo Profit Plan you’ll discover:

  • How to tap into big budget TV advertising and earn daily commissions as a result (without even needing a website)
  • The free Google tool that’ll show you beyond a doubt whether a product is worth looking at (and how used it to analyze “Slap Chop” and “Ped Egg”!)
  • The 4 factors you need to consider before choosing a product to promote on Squidoo…(skip this step and the method won’t work)
  • How to build an optimized Squidoo lens, and the secret to getting Squidoo pages ranked at the top of Google…
  • How finding a “hole” in your lead product can massively increase your overall sales and income (and the types of “holes” to look for)
  • The “sales flow” I use and how you can replicate it to get similar conversions…
  • And MUCH MORE…

The Squidoo Profit Plan has only ever been made available to PRO and ELITE members of my high level coaching program, “Your First $500 Online”.

The Squidoo Profit Plan includes a 20 page guide (PDF) and a 20 minute demonstration video.

Bonus #3: AK Elite Software Demo Video (Value $47)


AK Elite is powerful, but you need to know how to use it and which features to pay attention to. We’ve prepared a demo video giving you a full breakdown so you’ll know exactly what you need to do. This ensures you’ll bypass all potential obstacles.

Note: This demo video is ONLY available as part of this bonus package – it will never be available with any other offer.

Bonus #4: AK Elite Rank Tracking Demo Video (Value $47)


So that you can “hit the ground running” with the AK Elite Rank Tracker, we’ve prepared a demo video which gives you a complete walk-through of this cool Tracking feature.

In this video you’ll see how you can easily start tracking rankings for any Kindle eBook, EVEN your competitors!

Note: This demo video is ONLY available as part of this bonus package – it will never be available with any other offer.

Bonus #5: Live Kindle Training (Value $147)


Join us LIVE as we discuss advanced Kindle marketing tactics. You’ll discover the keys to succeeding with Kindle AND you’ll get the chance to ask us any questions you like.

Limited To 200 Action Takers

This bonus pack has been put together SPECIFICALLY for AK Elite. Kindle Ritual and the Squidoo Profit Plan have NEVER been given away before.

We simply CAN’T justify giving away more than 200 copies, which is why our bonus is strictly limited to the first 200 action takers.

 Once our bonus is sold out, it’ll be gone for good.

How To Get The Bonus

Follow these simple steps to access the bonus:

1. Invest in AK Elite using this link: http://www.akelitebonus.com/live

2. Once you’ve purchased AK Elite, send a copy of your receipt to bigbonusoffer@gmail.com

3. We will verify your order, and then send you bonus access details

Note: You MUST use our special link above, and you MUST send us a copy of your receipt. We can ONLY give access to our bonus offer if you’re purchased using our special link (no exceptions).

To double check that you’ve used our link, look for the following “ID” on the Clickbank order page:


RISK FREE: 100% Money Back Guarantee

This product is backed up with a 60 day money back guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can get your money back.

This investment is ZERO risk.

We fully endorse AK Elite, there’s no doubt that it’ll add a new dimension to your Kindle business.

Secure your copy and our bonus here: http://www.akelitebonus.com/live


Aidan & Brian

P.S – After you invest in AK Elite, there are three “upgrade options” you’ll have the chance to choose from. Below you’ll find details of each, along with our recommendation (we don’t recommend you get everything):

Upgrade Option #1: AK Book Maker

This upgrade is recommended for people who don’t already have a tool to format books. If you DO have a eBook formatter already, then we recommend you skip this option (don’t get it).

Upgrade Option #2: AK Analytics

AK Analytics is a stats package for your Kindle business. We HIGHLY recommend this upgrade, as it’ll allow you to completely track and monitor exactly where your traffic and sales are coming from. By knowing this kind of information, you can tweak and test your campaign and tap into advanced stats that no-one else has (this is the first Kindle Analytics program I’ve seen!)


Upgrade Option #3: AK Book Club

This is a very cool idea and solves a big problem: book reviews. The AK Book Club allows you to “Trade Reviews” with other Kindle Authors…no more “requesting reviews” from friends, or manually asking people to do them for you, the AK Book Club makes is as easy as clicking a button. This is a very powerful tool and one we completely recommend.

Secure your copy and our bonus here: http://www.akelitebonus.com/live